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Tartu 22 - ENIS Network Conference

ENIS members from all over Europe met last week in Tartu, Estonia for the very first conference of the ENIS network, supported by The Education and Youth Board of Estonia and Tartu 2024. Aiming at being inclusive and environmentally sustainable, the conference was hybrid allowing for participants to join remotely. Researchers, practitioners and young innovators interacted in person and virtually in the modern and beautiful building of the Estonian National Museum. In the working groups, we discussed the general thematic reviews, the COVID-19 reviews and policy briefs on International Student Mobility (ISM) that are currently being created in the Action. Exchange of ideas and calls for action flourished in a nice atmosphere, where research and practice were connected. During the parallel sessions, participants also had the opportunity to share their own research projects and ISM-initiatives.

If you would like to know more about the ENIS COST Action and join us, please follow the instructions here:

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